How to Date A Millionaire When There Is A Child Involved

single millionaire who has a childWhen you’re single and dating, life isn’t that complicated. Sure, you have a job, and maybe school to work around, and then there’s the matter of logistics – do you sleep at his place, or yours? But those things are easily scheduled. You’re able to make things work without regard for anyone else’s schedule. You can introduce your new man to your family when you’re ready, and meet his when he’s ready. There’s no rush, and no pressure.

But what if there are children involved on either side? Well, then there’s a whole new ball of wax to consider, especially when you are dating a millionaire.

When you date someone with money, things are more complicated than when you’re dating someone of only average wealth. There’s the matter of his friends and family. They might be skeptical of you at first, thinking that you’re only after him for his money. Then there’s the matter of the two of you. Politics enter the game when there is money involved. But when you – or he – have children, then it gets even more complex.

Here’s our guide of what to do:

Part One - If he has children

1. Introduce yourself slowly

Don’t suddenly foist yourself into his life and into his routine. Respect the fact that he has children, and let him have alone time with them. If he goes to the theatre with them every Saturday night, don’t insist that he has to take you with them.

2. Don’t suck up to the kids

Even if you’re desperate to get an ‘in’ with this millionaire boyfriend of yours, don’t do it through his kids. Getting the kids to like you, and to be attached to you, is a really low way of getting to your man’s heart – and he won’t be fooled. Be gentle with the children’s hearts. If they love you, and you and your man end up breaking up, they will be saddened – and you don’t want to be responsible for that.

3. Don’t let older children see you as a gold digger

It’s important that his older kids respect you. As the kids of a millionaire, they’ve probably seen everything – women trying to get to their dad for his money. Make it clear to them that you’re with their millionaire father for love, and nothing else.

Part Two - If you have children

1. Time his entrance into your kids’ lives

Don’t bring him home right away or introduce him to your kids until you know that the relationship has a good chance of lasting. This is for two reasons. Meeting your children should not be something that every man gets to do – only men who treat you well and have a chance of lasting with you get to meet your kids. The second reason is that you don’t want to scare him off by introducing your kids – especially if they start looking to him as a father figure.

2. Don’t let him buy your kids’ love

It’s fine to let him pay for tickets or the occasional toy, but don’t let him spoil the kids. You don’t want your children to like him for the wrong reasons, and if the relationship ends, you don’t want them to suddenly feel like they have to go without.