Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day If You're Dating A Millionaire

gift ideasWe all know that millionaires have all the materialistic stuff in the world and if you belong to a humble background, you simply cannot match up to the standards that he might have already set. Therefore, it goes without saying that trying to make a millionaire happy by gifting something expensive might just be ‘cute’. Instead, you could try being a little creative and make a lasting impression.

If he happens to be a James Bond fan

There are two things that men absolutely love – action flicks and video games, and when speaking of action flicks, there could be nothing better than a complete collection of James Bond Films on Blu-Ray. This would set you back by about $300 but it is certainly worth every penny spent.

If he follows all the latest fashion trends

The five four subscription box available for $180 would make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift in case your partner follows all the latest fashion trends.

If you partner loves biking

If your partner is of the adventurous types, it would make complete sense to gift him / her a bike bag. The price differs depending upon material and as well as quality. You can opt for either 6 – bottle or an 8 – bottle bike bag.

If he likes to keep a beard

Beard oil would prove to be a perfect gift for a man who likes to keep the scruff. Men with beard consider it as part of their identity and he would love it when it gets due attention.

For men who love the nerdy look in specs

We all know cufflinks are part of the gentleman’s attire. If your mate loves to don the nerdy look in spectacles, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to gift him gold Hipster Glasses cufflinks, available online at $65 onward.

If he is a fan of debonair

The drink made using scotch and green ginger wine is a favorite among millionaires who prefer classy over conventional. The Simon Pearce Decanter costing a mere $180 would certainly make for a perfect Valentine’s Day present.

For the love of shoes

Men love shoes, don’t they? If your millionaire partner has a fetish for exquisite shoes, gifting him the Johnston & Murphy shoe care kit would certainly please him. Given the fact that the kit costs as little at $70, it wouldn’t mess with your finances.

If he prefers staying home during weekends

In case your guy prefers to spend quality time with family rather than heading out during the weekend, the skull shot glass set is an ideal present for him.

Finding the right present for a person who already has everything can be tricky. However, if you're smart and know exactly what your companion likes, you could opt for the gifts mentioned above.